HEYTEA came into being in a lane named Jiangbianli in 2012, formerly known as ROYALTEA, Due to the failure to register the trademark, it is upgraded and registered as HEYTEA .

HEYTEA is the first maker of cheese tea。Different from other traditional cream-covered tea with coarse making and cheap tea,

HEYTEA provides high-quality tea from all over the world, which makes the Chinese tea culture vigorous again.

In 2016, HEYTEA won an investment of RMB 100 million from He Boquan, an angel investor from IDG Capital.



Heytea has always adhered to high quality requirements for its products.

What Heytea wants to share with customers is the authentic taste of the tea.
In order to bring the customers high-quality tea, our R&D team pay much attention
to product research and development, adhere to the independent product research .
The professional laboratory is set up in Shenzhen headquarters,
dedicated to tea drink product conception, formulation research and sample manufacture.

The combination of salt cheese and tea is Heytea’s original recipe.
The original cheese tea series, highly praised by consumers,
is made of imported New Zealand cheese and selected tea.
On the basis of the original cheese tea, bined the New Zealand cheese
with fresh milk. Introducing the light cheese tea series,
which has a lighter taste and provides customers a fresh and delicious choice.

The launch of fruit tea series aims to provide customers a wonderful taste of fruit mixing with tea.
Select high-quality tea as the base of fruit tea, and season it with natural sugar, bringing a refreshing and rich taste.

As the seasons rotate, each season has its unique temperament and product.
In order to present the season's freshest flavor,
Heytea launches season limited series which only use the fruit in season.
The cheese strawberry, cheese mango and cheese honey-dew are popular among consumers.


In addition to providing quality tea to tea drinkers,
Heytea is dedicated to exploring more possibilities for tea drinking.
Adhered to the original spirit, Heytea supports artistic creation,
make drinking tea become a style, a way of life.

From product research to store, Heytea pays more attention to
the overall experience of consumers. The design of every store is
a process of interpreting inspiration.Combining traditional tea culture,
"zen", "minimalism" and "aesthetics" are integrated into the store design to create spaces
with rich texture and level, bringing customers with multi-dimensional sensory experience.
The modification of the tea aesthetics makes tea culture cooler and more characteristic.

In addition, Heytea cooperated with a number of independent illustrators
to express the interest of drinking tea, and created a series of original
illustrations that conform to its brand concept. The package of
the whole product also follows the "cool" and "simple" style.